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Acupressure And Constipation: What Are The Points To Stimulate?

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You've attempted a number of prescription drugs and home cures for constipation without success. Acupressure is a successful method to cure constipation if you experience it frequently or if it is persistent.

You can promote your transit and find a faster solution by acting on a few energy points, or meridians, without any risk. The 3 acupressure sites for constipation and how to stimulate them are revealed in this article.


Constipation and energy principle

A dysfunctional problem

Constipation is a frequent condition that develops when the digestive system isn't functioning properly. The contractions of the digestive tract are slowed down, which prevents the appropriate evacuation of stools.

An unhealthy diet, physiological-psychological variables (such as stress or worry), or organic disorders may be to blame for this functional slowing down (irritable bowel syndrome, colon lesion, etc.). Constipation, though mostly harmless, should not be ignored.


It can be treated by natural methods

Based on the energy theory, traditional Chinese medicine integrates acupressure and constipation to treat this condition holistically. Two primary forms of constipation are distinguished:

  • A constipation of fullness: the symptoms here are dry stools, bloating, bad breath, a red face and a loss of appetite. It is due to an accumulation of heat or dryness and stagnation of Qi.
  • Emptiness constipation: stools that are neither hard nor dry, lack of strength, fear of cold and paleness are the main symptoms. It is due to an emptiness of Blood Qi and/or an excess of Cold Yin.


3 acupressure points for constipation

Valley Union (GI4)

The constipation acupressure meridian is situated on the back of your palm, close to the base of the thumb. Bring your thumb and index finger together to make it easier to find: the GI4 point is the little protrusion of flesh that appears.

On each hand, gently massage it in a circular motion for one to two minutes (never for longer than five). Increase the pressure a little bit at a time.

Reduce the pressure if the massage causes pain at the spot; some discomfort, but not pain, is expected. If you are more at ease using this method, feel free to tap rather than rub.


The Ocean of Energy (VC6) and the Sky Pivot Points

One of the most effective acupressure points for constipation, it supports peristalsis, relaxes the abdomen, and strengthens the large intestine (contractions of the digestive tract).

Three fingerbreadths on either side of the navel are where this meridian is situated (right and left). Being the body's center, it promotes each person's energetic equilibrium.

Start by calming down with deep breathing exercises to stimulate it. The VC6 point should then be lightly pressed with your index, middle, and ring fingers.

For 30 seconds, maintain the current degree of pressure (which should still be low to moderate) until you feel resistance or tension. Release, then do it twice more. You can also massage using slow, consistent motions.


Sinuous Pond (GI11)

The GI11 point, the final acupressure massage for constipation. Bend your arm to a straight angle with your elbow to find it. The outermost part of the elbow crease is thus where the meridian is positioned.

Apply light pressure and tap or mild circular motions with your thumb or forefinger on this point. Each time, stimulate the meridian for 30 to 40 seconds on both arms. Repeat three to four times per day to relieve constipation.

how to relieve constipation

Some precautions before stimulating these acupressure points for constipation

The intestines can be activated remotely thanks to the numerous reflex sites that are attached to them. Avoid massage on skin that is sensitive or has varicose veins.

Similar to this, it is advised to seek the advice of a certified acupressure practitioner if you have a heart ailment, fever, or an infectious disease. Pregnant women should avoid using the VC6 point, which is point #2 on the acupressure chart for constipation.

In addition to these few precautions, daily stimulation of certain acupressure spots will eventually assist you in overcoming constipation.


3 complementary habits to relieve constipation on a daily basis

Move more

A sedentary lifestyle only makes things worse if you have constipation. In fact, the intestines require good oxygenation and maintenance from a toned abdominal strap in order to contract effectively.

Additionally beneficial to stress management is physical activity. In addition to massage your acupressure points for constipation, make an effort to walk for at least 30 minutes each day, preferably after meals.

It's also advised to engage in a weekly sport activity that you enjoy, like Tai Chi or yoga.

physical activity

Eat more fiber

Your stomach and small intestine work together to break down the food you ingest. The colon (or large intestine) receives the remaining food, which is subsequently formed up of leftovers that are progressively pushed towards the rectum by consistent contractions.

The meal bowl in the colon needs to be a sufficient size for these contractions to be effective. And it is the fibers themselves that produce more waste while holding onto more water, ensuring that the colon's meal bowl has enough capacity to induce contractions.

Increase the amount of fiber in your diet gradually by consuming whole-grain bread, pasta, and rice, spinach, bran cookies, etc.

Eat more fiber

Do a Qi Gong session in the morning

Along with acupressure for constipation, Chinese energy gymnastics known as Qi Gong is also quite effective at toning the gut. A quick exercise to perform each morning is as follows:

  • You are standing, arms by your side, feet apart at pelvic width.
  • Take an inspiration, and turn the bust and the waist by pivoting on the heel of the left leg, so that your right hand comes to rest on your belly and your left hand on your kidneys.
  • On the exhale, bend your torso on the left leg, letting both hands slide on the front and back of the leg.
  • Hold the position by making some breaths during 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • While taking a breath again, always turned towards the left, release your hands and raise the bust slowly while making sure that your head goes up last.
  • On the exhale, return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the sequence on the right side and then repeat 3 times for each side, without forcing.

Effective treatment for constipation can be achieved with acupressure. You can conduct the self-massages and point stimulations on your own, whenever the need arises, and they are both gentle and safe.

We hope that these acupressure points for constipation ideas and advice on healthy daily routines will provide you with long-term comfort!

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