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How To Use An Acupressure Mat?

The Indian nail mat served as inspiration for the AcupressureMat®, which applies pressure to specific body areas.

The effectiveness of the organs, the psychological state, and overall health are all improved by acupressure. You can use the AcupressureMat® at any age and in a variety of ways.

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The classic use

On any level surface, unroll the mat vertically with the bumps clearly visible (bed, futon, carpet, floor..). With your skin in close proximity to the zits, gently lie down on the AcupressureMat®.

Keep a T-shirt on for the first few applications if the sensation is too harsh. You will be able to use the mat without a shirt on as you use it more frequently.

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How long should I keep the position?

10 to 15 minutes will be adequate at first. Your sessions can eventually be increased to 40 - 50 minutes. It is safe to use the AcupressureMat® for prolonged periods of time.

You will feel the AcupressureMat® beneficial's effects on your body right away if you use it every day.

After a session, it is advised that you take a nap to prevent the energy from flowing improperly. To maximize the effects, many people choose to use it in the evening just before bed.

You'll start to feel more at ease, less anxious, and particularly more productive in your daily life.


The use of the AcupressureMat® on other areas of the body

The stomach

Especially for women, the pins' sensation can be strong and painful. Simply lie down on the AcupressureMat® with your skin in touch with the zits to use it on your stomach.

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The whole back


  • Plunges into a deep state of relaxation.
  • Relieves all back and lumbar pain.
  • Releases muscular tension and relieves pressure on the spine.
  • Restores normal blood circulation.
  • Reduces stress and promotes sleep if used before bedtime.


The lower back

Utilizing the AcupressureMat® on the pelvis relieves lower back tension. Set the mat down horizontally. Let your back expand while you sit on it. Your lower back and buttocks ought to be in close proximity to the pins.

To make sure your lower back is in contact, you can also bend your legs and place your feet flat on the ground.

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The mat can be used to relieve tired legs and stimulate blood flow. Lay sideways on the mat. The pins have to be in close proximity to your hip and thigh.

Alternatively, you can lay on your stomach with just your thighs and knees touching the mat.

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  • The muscles warm up and relax, ideal for recovery after a jog.
  • Relieves restless leg syndrome.



Since each area of our body is represented under the foot arch in accordance with reflexology principles, the effect is universal.

Simply place the AcupressureMat® on the floor and place your feet on it to utilize it as a foot massager.

Starting out, you can either stand or sit with your feet on the pins (advanced level). The stimulation will come on quickly and broadly.


  • A feeling of rejuvenation as if you had just had a foot massage.
  • A boosted blood circulation and increased energy level.
  • A complete foot reflexology treatment that benefits the entire body and organs.

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The face

The zits are in close proximity to the cheeks. To initially lessen the pressure, use a very thin cotton cloth. The facial and jaw muscles can be relaxed using the AcupressureMat®.

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The neck and the nape of the neck

Lie on your back with the towel tucked under the mat, your neck touching the surface. By doing this, you can release the tension that has built up in your shoulders and trapezius.


  • Immediate reduction of tension in the neck.
  • Quick relief of headaches.
  • Secretion of endorphins (the well-being hormone).


How to clean an Acupressure Mat?

As much as possible, stay away from the dryer and the washing machine. The carpet's bumps can be removed. So, wash your hands by hand with lukewarm water and gentle detergents.

Hanging your carpet outside will help it dry. Take your rug with you wherever you go; it will help you unwind no matter where you are.

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How does an acupressure mat work?

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