How To Use Acupressure For Nausea?

What is acupressure ?

The similar theory underlies Chinese acupuncture and acupressure for nausea. The idea behind this complementary medicine is that there are several energy spots on our bodies.

These points are interconnected and help to move the Qi, our life force.

Once properly activated, these meridians trigger internal responses via a variety of intricate systems (segmental reflex action, release of neuropeptides, activation of neuroendocrine control centers, release of humoral factors acting on immunological responses, etc.).

Acupressure, which is frequently equated to acupuncture, doesn't use any needles just manual pressure.


The use of the Nei-Kuan point to control nausea


One of these meridians, which is situated on the master heart meridian, is of great importance to us since it may be used to alleviate nausea using acupressure.

The Nei-Kuan point is the name of this acupressure point (which means "internal barrier" in literal translation). It is the Master Heart Meridian's point 6 (6MC), and it is renowned for relieving nausea, vertigo, and vomiting.

It controls blood pressure and intestinal dystonia due to its antivagal effects. It is possible to lessen the unpleasant reflexes, regardless of the source, by applying pressure to this acupressure point for nausea.



But how precisely is this meridian used? It is three fingers below the wrist's initial fold. Here's how to find it exactly: Press the inside of the wrist with your index, middle, and ring fingers transversely.

Put the little finger underneath the wrist. Next, place the ring finger's tip on the wrist's first fold. The Nei-Kuan point is then situated between the two central tendons beneath the tip of the index finger.

Normally, to find the acupressure meridian for nausea, you should feel these two primary tendons. It is between the two tendons, in the middle.


The benefits of acupressure for nausea

You can effectively treat these unpleasant symptoms using acupressure for nausea, all while spending less money and experiencing no negative side effects.

The appropriate essential places can be found, and you can feel relief right away. For instance, acupressure therapy benefits pregnant women's psychological health and wellbeing.

The anti-spasmodic and anti-stress effects of acupressure for nausea make it perfect for hiccups. Increase your wellbeing in a few minutes each day by taking advantage of this alternative medicine's calming properties.


Reduce nausea with acupressure points in 6 steps

1. Get into the right position

Start by unwinding and positioning your arms correctly. Place your arms in front of you with your palms facing you and your fingers facing up to employ acupressure to relieve nausea.

Take a few deep breaths 2 to 3 times in a row while letting your shoulders drop. Anywhere can be used for acupressure; all you need to do is choose the most comfortable position.


2. Locate the vital point on your arm

Finding the arm's meridian is the second stage in using acupressure to relieve nausea. Put three fingers of your opposing hand below the wrist crease to perform this.

Next, place your thumb directly below your fingers. As previously mentioned, it must be positioned in the middle of the two big tendons. Your important nausea-related point has now been accurately found.

vital point

3. Apply pressure to the vital point with your fingers

To increase the flow of your energy, you must now use the appropriate amount of finger pressure. As soon as you start to feel queasy, press firmly on the Vital Point with your thumb and index finger.

For a few minutes at a time, softly rub in small circles. After five minutes of circular massaging, it's possible to feel better right away. Repeat on the opposite wrist after finishing.


4. Clap your wrists on the same vital points

Next, gently clap your wrists on the key areas while taking deep breaths to relieve nausea with acupressure. You can alternately position the left and right arms on top.

You should feel better and be able to avoid motion sickness after performing this motion for a few minutes. You may achieve the same results by rubbing your wrists.

motion sickness

5. Locate the vital point below the knee

Finding the crucial spot below the knee is the next to last phase in acupressure therapy for nausea. To do this, locate the bottom of your kneecap and count four fingers down from it.

With your opposing hand, place a finger immediately below it, toward the outside of your shin, under your little finger. When you raise and lower your foot, do you feel a muscle tense up?

If so, you have located the correct meridian. The most frequently used important point for supplying the body with energy is ST36.


6. Press firmly on this point

Finally, you need to apply strong pressure to this area below the knee. You can use your opposite foot's heel, a fingernail, or a nail.

Continue applying pressure to the point but don't massage it if you want to experience the benefits of acupressure for nausea. Additionally, you can rub it from top to bottom.

Regardless of the technique you use, you must keep pressing the point for several minutes in order to experience the advantages.


Acupressure accessories for nausea symptoms

It is advised to purchase acupressure accessories, such as the acupressure mat and floral field cushion as well as the acupressure ring, to maximize the benefits of acupressure for nausea.

Plastic pins are used in this substance to successfully stimulate all of the body's energy centers. You can experience immediate and long-lasting relief by using them everyday for 10 to 20 minutes.

You feel less queasy, and the symptoms lessen or perhaps go away. The benefit of acupressure is that you can use it whenever you need to do so silently at home.

Compared to a session with a health expert for therapy, it is far more flexible.


To summarize

Regardless matter the source of your nausea, acupressure is a 100% natural remedy that can help you feel better.

Finding the places that will instantly relieve nausea is in your best interest, whether it happens frequently or infrequently.

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