How To Treat Anxiety, Stress And Depression With Acupressure?

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Similar to acupuncture, acupressure uses pressure points to alter the Qi (life force) that travels through your body's energy channels. These channels are known as meridians in traditional Chinese medicine.

The pressure points cause a number of changes in your body and mind when pressure is applied. This type of complementary medicine is regarded as a reliable everyday stress reliever and anxiety fighter.

See our list of acupressure sites for anxiety and stress!

stress symptoms

How does stress affect your body?

Stress is a normal physiological response to unmanageable or overwhelming circumstances. Stress can boost concentration and productivity when it's at a healthy level, but when it's high, it degrades your quality of life.

Your body can experience health issues including headaches, insomnia, and a lack of energy when it is subjected to frequent and high amounts of stress, making it difficult for you to carry out your regular daily tasks.

However, keep calm. One natural approach that works effectively for treating stress and anxiety is to stimulate specific acupressure points.

This free technique is ideal for releasing stress in both men and women, not to mention that you may perform each session in the comfort of your own home.


Why use acupressure to relieve anxiety and stress?

Acupressure has been shown to have advantages when used to treat stress and anxiety. This is the best option if you are uncomfortable having needles injected into your skin to calm your mind.

Acupressure, which uses the same principles as acupuncture but doesn't involve using needles, will provide you with rapid comfort in this area.

The acupressure points indicated below can be activated with your fingers and thumb to use the technique yourself at home or at the office. The hands and the body are a true mirror of all of our organs, much like with foot reflexology.

Whole-body and mental benefits result from hand massages! Massage the anti-stress zones every day to reduce discomfort and release endorphins (happiness hormones).


The perfect anti-stress acupressure gesture 

There is one acupressure point in particular that is well known for reducing the affects of anxiety among the acupressure sites for stress and anxiety. To temporarily calm your nerves, pinch the pulpit between your index and thumb.

Hold the pressure and massage this area for two to three minutes while inhaling deeply. Stimulate these anti-stress acupressure points up to three times each day for significant relief.

For around 10 minutes, exert greater pressure if you are having a panic attack. To feel the initial relaxing effects, simply activate this meridian as soon as you sense the urge, whether for a session at home or outside.


Other acupressure points for stress and anxiety

Point 36 E, or "Three Mile Point

Let's start with some history, legend? In the Chinese oral tradition, regular stimulation of the 36 E point during periods of walking surprisingly eased leg weariness.

The person was reportedly able to walk an additional five kilometers (three miles; hence, the name of this acupressure point for tension and anxiety) after receiving reflexology massage on this point.

The "Three Mile Point" is a hollow between the shin bone and the anterior leg muscle, two inches below the kneecap on the outside of the leg.

Apply pressure with your index finger for a minute to manage energy flow, improve focus, and relieve both mental and physical exhaustion.

physical exhaustion

Acupressure points on the scalp

Your shoulders and neck muscles are frequently affected by the stress you experience throughout the day. Acupressure points on the scalp are highly useful at reducing stress at this level.

Put your hands on the top of your head. Your thumbs should be on your temples and they should be touching in the centre of your head. Press firmly but softly on your forehead.

Press each time as you slowly glide your fingertips over the hairline. Return to the forehead once you have reached the base of your skull.

If you don't have time to perform all of this, just give the region between the head and the back of the neck a 20-second massage with two fingers.

head massage

The Nei Guan meridian

This acupressure point is frequently used by pregnant women and is particularly helpful for reducing nausea.

The whole body is strengthened by this acupressure point for stress and anxiety, which also has a relaxing effect on the neurological system and a noticeable positive impact on wellbeing.

Measure the distance between the wrist and the forearm starting at the wrist. To massage the acupressure point for two to three minutes, press firmly with your thumb on the desired location and slowly rotate in a circular manner.

pregnant women

The "She Men" or "Spirit Gate" point

At each ear, there is an acupressure point called Shen Men for reducing tension and anxiety. This meridian is utilized in reflexology to treat pain, pains, and inflammation in the body.

It entails rubbing for around five minutes above the ear canal opening. If your body responds favorably to the acupressure spots on your ears, give yourself this massage every night before bed.

shen men

Chase away anxiety with the benefits of acupressure

Here is a free acupressure treatment that should help you if you experience an anxiety attack or an anxiety attack coupled with palpitations:

  • Massage with your fingertip the point in the palm of your hand, on the bump at the base of your little finger, and continue for about 1 minute and repeat as many times as necessary.
  • Find the point at the base and the corner of the nail of the little finger, on the side of the thumb, then tone it by turning clockwise for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • On your face, use the tip of your middle finger to apply pressure (or light tapping) on the point between your eyebrows, at the root of your nose, and take the time to breathe quietly.

These acupressure sites' relaxing effects on anxiety and stage fright are ideal, but they can also be used to combat insomnia or repeated thoughts.


Acupressure points for hypertension

The most prevalent chronic illness in England is called hypertension, which is characterized by unusually high blood pressure in the blood vessels. Silent, the illness frequently seems unharmful.

The cardiovascular system, as well as cerebral vascular or neurodegenerative issues, are more or less negatively impacted.

By applying acupressure to four spots bilaterally, you can reduce hypertension at its earliest signs:

  • Liver 3 (F 3), Trae Tchrong: this energy point is located in the area where the first and second metatarsals of the foot meet. This point is often painful. It should be massaged for a long time (at least 10 minutes).
  • Heart 3 (C 3), Chao Raé: this meridian is located at the inner end of the elbow.
  • Conception Vessel 15 (CV 15), Tsiu Oé: it is located just at the tip of the xiphoid process (lower tip of the sternum), about 7 cm above the navel.
  • Master of the Heart (MC 7), Ta Ling: it is located in the middle of the wrist fold on the front side between two tendons.
  • Ear, wrist, forehead, face: you can stimulate many areas to alleviate and relieve anxiety with the acupressure points for stress and anxiety. Take advantage of these benefits on a daily basis to improve your mental health and the quality of your life in general!

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