Can You Use Acupressure Mat On Bed

Can you use acupressure mat on bed?

How Long To Lay On Acupressure Mat? Reading Can you use acupressure mat on bed? 3 minutes

Acupressure, a time-honored technique from traditional Chinese medicine, is sought after for its relaxation and pain relief benefits. Modern acupressure mats, which are accessible and easy to use, aim to bring this ancient practice to the masses.

But can these mats be used effectively on a bed? Here’s what you need to know to safely incorporate an acupressure mat into your bedtime routine.

What is an acupressure mat?

An acupressure mat is typically covered with hundreds of small spikes that stimulate the body’s pressure points. The concept is to mimic acupressure or acupuncture without the needles. Users lie on the mat to boost blood circulation, relax tense muscles, and promote an overall sense of well-being.

Using the acupressure mat on your bed


  • Comfort: Using an acupressure mat on a bed may be more comfortable for those who find the floor too hard.
  • Accessibility: For those who struggle with getting up and down from the floor, using the mat on a bed can make the practice more accessible.


  • Reduced effectiveness: The effectiveness of an acupressure mat can be diminished on a bed. The mattress may absorb some of the pressure that would otherwise be applied to pressure points by the mat’s spikes.
  • Slip risk: There is a risk that the mat could slip if the bed isn’t perfectly flat or if the bedsheet is too smooth.

Tips for optimal use

  1. Mattress choice: Use the mat on a firmer mattress to better simulate the hardness of the floor, allowing for better stimulation of acupressure points.
  2. Usage duration: Start with short sessions of about 10-20 minutes to get used to the sensation of the spikes. You can gradually increase the duration based on your comfort.
  3. Light covering: If the sensation of the spikes is too intense, place a thin towel or a light sheet between you and the mat to soften the pressure.
  4. Regular routine: Incorporate the use of the mat into your regular bedtime routine to maximize benefits such as relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Safety precautions

  • Consult a professional: Before starting to use an acupressure mat, especially if you have specific medical conditions, it’s wise to consult a healthcare professional.
  • Sensitive skin caution: Be cautious if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions, as the spikes can cause irritation.


Using an acupressure mat on your bed can be a beneficial addition to your nightly routine, particularly if you are looking for a convenient and comfortable method to enhance your relaxation and overall well-being.

However, it’s important to consider the limitations and adapt it to your needs for a safe and effective experience.

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