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Facial Reflexology

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Facial reflexology is founded on the idea that the facial structures, the forehead and nose form the map of the human body, same as foot reflexology, palm reflexology, and auriculotherapy use a map of the body on the palms of the hands, feet, and ears, respectively.

The message delivered can bypass the spinal cord (as with the feet) by stimulating reflex sites that are very close to the brain. Consequently, it can be understood more rapidly.

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Facial reflexology is not necessarily pleasant when performed with strong pressure (as in Vietnam, where it has been particularly established). The method is more like a soothing treatment in the West, however. It controls pain, hormone imbalances, and affects the mental realm. As a result, it can be applied in stressful situations and to hyperactive kids who are having trouble in school.

Due to the reflex points' proximity to the brain, it also affects the person's neurological aspect and can, for instance, go hand in hand with stroke therapy.

Facial reflexology promotes mental clarity and facilitates decision-making in all contexts (sensual or professional). Therefore, it is a wise choice for those who feel a little lost in life. Facial reflexology techniques include Dien Chan (Vietnam), SkinTao, and Kobido (Japan).

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The anti-aging impact is tremendous when the mapping, the meridians, and the particular acupressure spots are applied together. This is the core of my complete acupressure-based facial massage program.

Exercises are made simple to do as a result of the inclusion of this knowledge. You can have a bright glow, a less fatigued, more plump appearance to your face, the fading of fine lines, and a firmer, oval-shaped face in just 10 minutes every day.

The upper portion of the face gets firmer, the eyelids droop less, the bags are reabsorbed, the dark circles are less deepened and darkened, the eyes return their brilliance, and your entire face shines with "Eliminate Puffiness and Dark Circles, Tighten and Smooth the Forehead with Acupressure"!

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