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How To Use Acupressure Mat For Weight Loss?

Acupressure mat and weight loss: is it effective?

Yes, but there's a "but" in the answer! The acupressure mat can greatly assist you in losing your excess weight when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy and balanced food and a minimum amount of physical activity.

Here is the acupressure mat, after the yoga mat and the acupuncture needles. But what makes it so unique? It's straightforward a few hundred plastic pins or spikes are dispersed throughout the mat's length.

Typically, these spikes come together to form lotus blossoms, which are a representation of Chinese traditional medicine.

These spikes apply pressure to the back under the weight of the body in order to ease discomfort, remove joint stiffness, relax the muscles, and release pressure. The outcome is a profound relaxation that rapidly raises the user's quality of life!

Depending on the area you wish to treat, you can sit or lie on the mat, be on your back or your stomach, be on a soft surface like your bed, be directly on the floor, etc. to make contact with the acupressure points and the pimples.

Because the pins mark the skin instead of piercing it like acupuncture needles do, the procedure is not overly uncomfortable.

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Acupressure and weight loss: what is the connection?

According to the expert AcupressureMat®, acupressure can be quite beneficial in the context of a regimen for weight loss.

The justification derives from traditional Chinese medicine, which holds that each acupuncture point has an energy connection to a particular organ sometimes even in diametric opposition.

Thus, the stomach, colon, liver, spleen, and other organs are connected to specific spots on the epidermis. By arousing these spots, you enhance lymphatic drainage and blood flow, ease pressure on the digestive system, and boost metabolism.

The "GB2," which is behind the ear, the GV26, which is between the mouth and the nose, and the SP6, which is about 5 cm above the ankle, are the three most frequently used acupuncture points for weight loss.

These acupressure sites work wonders for treating a variety of intestinal and digestive blockages, including bloating, difficulty digesting, as well as treating fat and controlling the urge to eat (and the acceleration of satiety).

According to Chinese medicine, all physical diseases in people are caused by an imbalance of energy. Therefore, an energy imbalance between the various digestive organs would be related to excess weight.

Applying acupressure to the sites on our body that are connected to our digestive system would help us better digest, assimilate vital nutrients, and reject toxins, carbs, and lipids that lead to the creation of fat, particularly visceral fat, which is hard to get rid of.

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Acupressure points to be favored for weight loss

For hunger control and weight management, the acupressure point "GV26" is intriguing. It is located at the level of the top lip fold, halfway between the upper lip and the nose.

For about five minutes, use medium pressure while pressing on it. You must determine the proper pressure in order to prevent injury to yourself. It is typically advised to use this acupressure in the morning just after waking up and again in the evening just before dinner.

For obvious reasons, this acupressure point is occasionally referred to as the "appetite suppressant" point.

The LI11 acupressure point, a bit to the outside at the elbow crease, may also be of interest to you. LI11, in contrast to the previous statement, speeds up metabolism.

Simply exert gentle pressure once daily for one minute. Remember that the flower field mat's relaxation-inducing touch with your back reduces stress and anxiety, two elements that can exacerbate eating disorders like bulimia.

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