pressure point for heartburn

What Are The Pressure Points For Heartburn?

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is characterized by pain in the stomach area. It can be accompanied by acid reflux from the stomach into the esophagus. This is called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and the main symptom is a bitter or acid taste in the mouth.

What causes heartburn?

Certain medications, such as aspirin, cortisone, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc., can cause stomach pain. Stress is not the cause of gastric acidity, but an aggravating factor.

  • Overproduction of gastric juices in the stomach is the cause of heartburn, which in most cases is benign. Diet plays a crucial role, as it is the excessive consumption of high-fat foods (sauces, fried foods, cold meats, etc.) or acidic foods (dairy products and their derivatives, chocolate, citrus fruits, etc.), or even spicy foods, that causes gastric acidity.
  • Certain beverages such as tea, coffee or alcohol.
  • Pregnancy or being overweight causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which in turn leads to acid reflux. C
  • Certain positions (lying down or leaning forward) and movement (especially after a meal) can cause movement-related acid reflux.

What are the main symptoms?

A burning sensation that starts in the epigastric cavity and rises towards the chest. This burning sensation increases after meals and/or when lying down or leaning forward.

Acid regurgitation (food that has just been swallowed returned to the mouth without the effort of vomiting), giving a bitter or acid taste in the mouth. Reduce heartburn with reflexology:

Facial reflexology: Here's a formula of points to stimulate with facial reflexology. If you're unfamiliar with the ins and outs of this technique.

Massaging the nasolabial fold area Start by massaging the area where the stomach and spleen points are located, in the left nasolabial, then stimulate the following points with the stylus for at least 30 seconds: 39-37-50-61-45-63-19-127 -17-26.

  • Point 39: representing the stomach, this point regulates all problems related to digestion: gastritis, heartburn. It will therefore relieve all these pains and discomforts.
  • Point 37: represents the spleen, and is often stimulated at the same time as the stomach, as they are closely linked. It improves digestion, relieves spleen pain and aids digestion.
  • Point 50: Representing the liver, it aids digestion, especially in cases of slow digestion. Reduces bloating, relieves liver and vesicular pain.
  • Point 61: located in the hollow above the nostrils, it enables the secretion of natural endorphins. An excellent anti-inflammatory, it relieves pain and is indicated in cases of gastric ulcer. So it has a double action!
  • Point 45: represents the stomach, promotes digestion and is indicated in cases of gastritis and difficult digestion.
  • Point 63: represents the stomach, useful for digestion and relieving stomach pains. It warms the pancreas, stomach, colon and uterus.
  • Point 19: represents the lower abdomen and stomach, soothes stomach aches and calms or facilitates vomiting. Do not stimulate in cases of hypertension! This point is forbidden for pregnant women, unless they are about to give birth (in which case, it encourages contractions!).
  • Point 127: warms the belly and regulates intestinal peristalsis. Indicated for indigestion, gastritis and stomach aches.
  • Point 17: indicated for burns, relieves inflammatory pain.
  • Point 26: this is the "third eye" point, it calms the mind and represents the cervicals as well as the throat, but in this case, it interests us for its pain-relieving action!

In conclusion:

Here's how to reduce post-holiday heartburn with facial reflexology: First, start by massaging the area where the stomach and spleen points are located on the left nasolabial fold. Next, stimulate the numbered points in the heartburn-reducing formula.

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