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4 Acupressure Points On The Hand For Immediate Relief

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The hands serve as a mirror for the entire body, and pressing on their acupressure points can aid to balance the organs and fluidize the life force. Similar to foot reflexology, hand massage has several advantages.

Discover a variety of easy acupressure motions in this post to regularly calm the body and mind!

hand massage

The meridians of the hand in acupressure

Acupressure affects the meridians, which are energy pathways, according to the theories of Chinese medicine. These are the sites that transport the Qi, or life energy, of the body.

One or more organs are associated with each energy point. Since six of the 14 meridians carrying the body's vital energy flow via the hands, acupressure applied to the hands can activate the entire body.

It is now feasible to treat a certain illness by massaging a particular place on the hand. For instance, the index finger stimulates the stomach and intestines while the thumb connects to the heart and lungs.


One area of the hand per disorder

The palm and the back of the hands each have specific acupressure points. Each finger and component of the hand represents a different region of the body:

  • The phalanges for the head and sinuses.
  • Between the index and middle fingers for the eyes.
  • Between the ring finger and the little finger for the ear.
  • The top of the palm (just above the fingers) for the lungs.
  • The line from the index finger for the kidneys, stomach and intestine.
  • The back of the hand to drain lymph, relieve muscles and stimulate glands and lymph nodes in the chest.
  • From the thumb joint to the little finger joint to stimulate the abdominal muscles and lymph nodes.
  • The bend of the wrist for the lower pelvis, groin and abdomen.

Small pressures or circles made with the hands that follow the course of the meridians are typical of hand acupressure. It has an effect on the body and influences it for longer-lasting wellbeing.

hand acupressure points

4 techniques to do acupressure on the hand

1. The anti-stress gesture

One of the most well-known acupressure points is the first one on the hand. It aids in lowering tension and anxiety. Pinch the flesh between the thumb and the index finger.

Deep breathing and massaging the area together can help to reduce stress and anxiety. For a massage that works, maintain the pressure for two to three minutes.

Repeat this motion three times daily for a deeper hand acupressure therapy. Insist on keeping the pressure on for ten minutes if you think a panic attack is going to strike.

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2. The massage against anxiety

Do you have heart palpitations and excessive levels of anxiety?

Here is the hand's acupressure point that should be stimulated in this situation: The place on the bump at the base of the little finger in the palm of your hand can be massaged with the tip of your finger.

Repeat as often as necessary after maintaining the pressure for approximately a minute. Any time you feel the urge to reduce anxiety, give yourself this massage.

The point at the base and corner of the little finger's nail is a second acupressure meridian on the hand that can be helpful in cases of anxiety (on the thumb side).

For a minute or two, rotate counter clockwise to boost your vitality. This acupressure point's anxiolytic effects are excellent for reducing worry, jitters, or unfavorable thoughts.


3. The relaxation break

The acupressure hand massage is a genuine moment of rest and contentment, even if you don't have any particular disorders. Take wellness breaks throughout the day and benefit from this traditional medicine.

Breathe slowly and comfortably while seated (in a quiet area). To calm the cranial nerves, gently massage the tops of your fingers.

To calm your head, do the "caterpillar step" on the thumb's pad. Work on the palm of your hand to soothe the belly and solar plexus.

wellness breaks

4. The magic point

It relieves common headaches (temporal headaches and tinnitus), shoulder and arm pain, neck and upper back tension, throat pain and swelling, stiff fingers (rheumatism, arthritis), conjunctivitis, dizziness with fatigue, hypotension, etc.

The acupressure point of the hand that we will introduce to you has many benefits. The hands are massaged using acupressure to instantly release all stress.

For two to three minutes, massage the top of the hand vigorously in a circular motion between the little and ring fingers. Repeat once or twice daily, as necessary.

The same point can also be firmly pressed, held under pressure for five seconds, and then repeated multiple times.


The body and mind are relieved by the hand acupressure treatments

It would be unfortunate to lose these advantages!

You will be able to release the vital energy that has been held inside you and get it flowing to calm and increase the beneficial benefits of acupressure with deep breathing to incite a state of deep peace.

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