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The Acupressure Mat: Relieve Your Back And Relax!

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How did you find out about flower mats or acupressure mats? Maybe after learning something from a friend? or by trying to find a way to stop your persistent back pain?

This novel but practical approach is gaining a lot of traction and is frequently recommended by osteopathic doctors to their patients as a means of reducing stress, easing muscle tension, and relieving back pain.

Even if the brands tout this product's usefulness for treating a variety of problems, you should be aware that it is only a wellness accessory and cannot take the place of medical or surgical treatments or any guidance and care that a therapist may provide.


A flower mat, between acupuncture and acupressure

A method of traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture. It is distinguished by the use of extremely fine needles on extremely specific points on the body to treat it.

The entire body is covered in these acupuncture or energy points. Nearly 2000 points are used in acupuncture.

The same principles that underpin acupuncture also apply to the Chinese massage practice of acupressure. The therapist applies pressure in place of the needles.

Ivan KUZNETSOV, a Russian, developed the first acupressure mat in the 1980s in an effort to develop a device that would enable anybody to perform their own acupuncture treatments.

acupuncture treatments

When to use the acupressure mat?

Do you experience persistent discomfort that interferes with your daily life?

This wellness product is tailored to relieve specific tensions, whether they are muscular, nervous, or circulatory, similar to acupressure and acupuncture.

But the acupressure mat has a very broad range of application.

It is very well suited for:

  • Athletes.
  • People under stress.
  • Sedentary people whose work forces them to remain in prolonged sitting or standing positions.
  • People whose work is physical and who carry a lot of weight.

Your mat can also be used in cases of arthritis, stiffness, tension headaches, sleep disorders, etc...


What is an acupressure mat made of?

There are acupressure pillows to support your neck, lumbar region, or under the knees, although the acupressure mat is the most popular.

Belts and leg sets are offered by several manufacturers. The lumbar area, hips, and buttocks all receive pressure from the belt. It might be a useful replacement for mats and pillows.

If you don't have the time or want to lie down during a session on the mat and cushion, the belt is a great option for lower back pain. People with leg pain are better suited for the leg set.

It is always a piece of jewelry containing numerous tiny discs, or "flowers." These discs are constructed of FDA-approved ABS or HIPS plastic that can come into contact with food. Metal spikes are used in some Russian model designs.

These blooms number more than 200, and each one has roughly 25 petals that culminate in spikes, allowing for simultaneous pressure on more than 4000 locations on the back.

On a latex mattress with or without memory foam, or in natural fibers like coconut or linen, the discs or flowers are glued.

natural fibers

How to choose your acupressure mat?

There are many different sizes, forms, materials, and colors of this kind of wellness accessory.

The brand has a significant impact on the level of comfort, quality, and style. The manufacturer's choice of materials is another factor.

In many circumstances, the brand choice will be a deciding element in assessing the usefulness and longevity of the product that will be used on a regular basis.

Quality can be ensured by certifications from organizations like Oekotex, a German ecological label, and SGS, the top inspection firm in the world. The amount of guarantee also provides insight into the product's quality.

Your osteopaths have chosen the acupressure floral mat shown below from the many acupressure mats that are offered online because of its high quality and great price. Please feel free to provide feedback.

acupressure mat

Flower mats: how does the acupressure mat work?

Similar ideas underlie the fakir mats and the acupressure mat. The pressure applied to the skin stimulates the circulatory, neurological, muscular, lymphatic, and hormonal systems, just like acupuncture does.

Vasodilation, endorphin secretion, muscle relaxation, and rest are a few of the physiological changes that need to be discussed.

Vasodilation is brought on by the stimulation of blood flow and nerve impulses. The entire back is warmed and made more relaxed by this localized increase in blood circulation.

It flushes all toxins from storage more effectively. In order to properly complete this detoxification process, we therefore suggest you to drink enough of water.

Endorphins, the feel-good chemicals, are released, which reduces pain.

The simultaneous pressure of the many sites of contact causes the muscles and the entire nervous system to deeply relax.

muscle relaxation

What is the physiological effect of the acupressure mat?

  1. Boosts your energy: The endorphin helps you recover more quickly and eases mental and physical tension. It should be mentioned that taking some time each day to relax by lying down enables you to feel more energised than when having a short nap.
  2. Fight against insomnia: The acupressure mat enhances the quality of your sleep by promoting the release of other hormones like melatonin, the sleep hormone, and serotonin, the emotional regulator.
  3. Muscle repair after a sporting event: Toxins that cause cramps and other muscle issues are more easily removed when blood circulation is affected. Release of oxytocin and endomorphine results in a feeling of relaxation that is beneficial for healing.
  4. Endorphins have a relaxing effect on the body, which eases stress and anxiety. Endorphins also have a calming effect on the body, which helps to relieve tension and anxiety.


How to use the flower mat?

It is incredibly easy. On a flat surface, unfold your flower mat, then gently lie on your back on top of it. Calmly inhale and relax.

Be prepared for the uncomfortable feeling or maybe pain that the pins may produce the first few times. The discomfort will gradually go away. We suggest that you take things slowly so that you can better deal with this experience.

The manufacturers request that you perform the sessions for a duration of 15 to 45 minutes while laying on the floor with just a light cloth or without any clothing on.

It is advised to start with 10 minutes for the initial two sessions, gradually increase to 15 minutes for the following two sessions, and finish with 30-45 minutes for the final ones.

Wear a thick T-shirt and lay the mat on a surface that is softer than the floor for the first few sessions, such as your bed.

All of these options will enable you to continue using this kind of acupressure mat.

After a few sessions, you can lay down directly on the mat in the manner advised by the manufacturer to ensure the best possible stimulation of the pressure points on the mat by your body.

You ought to experience relief after ten to fifteen days of daily use.

You should be aware that results take time to appear, whether you use it in the morning, before bed, or at any other time of the day. The deciding factor will be your diligence.

What precautions should I take?

We can only encourage you to confirm with a therapist the precautions to be taken, even though using an acupuncture mat is a gentle and risk-free practice that can be advised as a complement to other conventional and/or alternative treatments.

For instance, safety measures should be taken if a mole is huge or raised. It's crucial to wrap them with bandage.

Additionally, it is a good idea to ask your doctor for guidance in the following scenarios:

  • During your pregnancy.
  • Serious heart disease (check with your doctor).
  • When your skin has wounds or sunburn or a skin condition (check with your dermatologist).
  • In case of high fever.
  • In case of epilepsy (ask your general practitioner or specialist).


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