How To Get Rid Of Sciatica With An Acupressure Mat?

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Utilizing acupressure mat treatments to overstimulate the sciatic nerve is a particularly efficient technique to relieve pain.

It may seem counterintuitive to soothe a tense nerve by overstimulating it, yet the acupressure mat's stimulation causes the release of endorphins from the central nervous system.

Chemicals are less effective than these endorphins at reducing inflammation and relieving pain in the sciatic nerve. They also benefit your body as a whole and help you feel more balanced and at ease.

For two years, our clients have used AcupressureMat® to treat sciatica, and we have sold thousands of units in England.

With the AcupressureMat®, sciatica relief happens immediately, frequently in a single 15 - 30 minute session. With each session, the relief lasts an increasing amount of time.

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How to use an acupressure mat against sciatica?

You can relieve the sciatic nerve with AcupressureMat® products in different ways:

  • The AcupressureMat® mat can be used on the lumbar region, on the buttocks or on the legs.
  • The AcupressureMat® cushion can be used on the lumbar region or under the knees


What causes sciatica?

A herniated or compressed disc in the lumbar region or spinal degeneration are the main causes of sciatica. Other cases of sciatica are brought on by piriformis muscle imbalances or spasms in the buttock (piriformis syndrome).

In these two situations, using the Flower Field can help with the underlying causes of sciatica, but it takes time and continuous use. In fact, Flower Field not only relieves pain by releasing endorphins but also eases muscular tension and boosts blood and nerve circulation.

As a result, the interaction of these effects can aid in slowing down or even reversing the degenerative processes that frequently affect the lumbar region.

piriformis syndrome

Use the AcupressureMat® mat or cushion on the lumbar region, as well as on the buttock and thigh, if your sciatica is caused by a lumbar issue.

The buttock and leg should ideally be lay on the AcupressureMat® cushion, which should be positioned under the lumbar area..

Use the AcupressureMat® mat and place your buttocks on it if you have sciatica caused by piriformis muscle tightness. As an alternative, place the lumbar belt in this position around the uncomfortable buttock and fasten it.

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