Acupressure Points For Painful Periods

Between 50 and 90 percent of women experience menstrual pain, which might include cramps, headaches, nausea, or diarrhoea as symptoms. Every month, painful periods (dysmenorrhoea) cause disruption in women's daily life.

But how may this pain be reduced without the use of painkillers? Acupressure is the remedy! Learn which acupressure point to stimulate to relieve period pain and other feminine discomforts.

Painful Periods

Acupressure: a natural solution for menstrual pain

In order to reestablish correct energy flow, the body's precise locations can be pressured or massaged using the ancient Chinese medical practise known as acupressure.

The massage of an acupressure point for painful periods allows for better living comfort without taking any medicine and is non-invasive and very simple to perform on oneself.

Acupressure is founded on the same idea as reflexology: that the body is capable of healing itself. Reflex points, which are often found on the hands, feet, head, and ears, can be used to indirectly touch organs and organic processes.

menstrual pain

3 acupressure points for painful periods

To relieve painful periods, here are the 3 acupressure points to use:

  • Sanyinjiao point: located 4 fingers above the malleolus, this point is on the inner side of the foot. You should make circular movements for 2 minutes, applying light pressure.
  • Taichong point: located on the top of the foot, about 2 fingers below the big toe, you can press the point continuously, massage it with circular movements or tap it. Try all 3 methods to find out which one feels better.
  • Lower Tian Point: placed 3 fingers below the navel, you can also massage, press or tap this acupressure point.

Taichong point

No, it is not normal to feel pain during your period

In traditional Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang are balanced by the body's energy flow (Qi). Active forms counter passive forces. These two movements are harmonious when you're healthy, which is why pain is always viewed as odd.

Menstrual discomfort thus serves as the body's way of alerting you that something isn't quite right. It is a pathological response rather than a physiological or natural one.

Usually, a restriction in the free passage of blood and energy is what causes pain before or during a period. In fact, Tian Gui, a chemical that acts from puberty to menopause, links the Ren Mai and Chong Mai arteries to menstruation.


Reduce period pain with acupressure

You can encourage your body's natural ability to rebalance by pressing an acupressure point for menstruation pain. Additionally, we firmly advise you to live a healthy lifestyle so that you can learn to pay attention to your body.

Sleep, a balanced diet, and frequent exercise are essential for the best circulation of Qi.

Balance is psychological as well as physiological; to prevent organ deterioration, you must embrace your emotions and learn to control them. Physical health is a requirement for psychological health, and vice versa!

psychological health

To summarise

You are now aware of the acupressure point to press in order to experience long-lasting relief from period discomfort. Massage the aforementioned energy points as often as necessary when you feel the desire to.

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