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Acupressure And Blocked Nose: Which Meridians To Stimulate?

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The cold and flu season is in full swing in the middle of winter. And nobody can avoid the common stuffy nose.

It is not always necessary to use medication to ease the discomfort brought on by these conditions; for example, nasal congestion can be managed by activating the appropriate acupressure sites.

Find out which acupressure spots to massage this winter to get true relief from blocked noses!

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Acupressure, a natural treatment for a blocked nose

Typically, an inflammation (or local irritation) that results in a constriction of the air flow in the sinuses is what causes the symptom of a blocked nose. A clogged nose can mask an illness, an allergy, or a nasal obstruction.

It can also mask a cold, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, or mechanical obstruction. Fortunately, sinus congestion can be naturally treated with acupressure without the use of drugs.

Simply applying pressure to the acupressure meridians will increase energy flow and reduce congestion.

You can improve nasal drainage and lessen headaches over time by simply massaging specific areas on the skull, forehead, and area around the nose for one to two minutes.

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3 acupressure points to prevent nasal congestion

27 (Kidney)

This meridian is well renowned for strengthening the immune system. For those with respiratory tract infections, it is perfect. This acupressure point transports air throughout the body and receives and disperses energy from the lung.

In fact, a blockage between the lung and kidney's partnership might cause coughing and shortness of breath since the body is no longer receiving enough oxygen and becomes fatigued.

Point 27: Kidney aids in thorax relaxation and breathing facilitation. It is situated quite close to the sternum, under the collarbone. Your finger will detect a little cavity at this location.


20 (Large intestine)

It opens the nasal tube and clears the sinuses, making it a highly effective acupressure point for blocked noses. Regular stimulation of this meridian can prevent colds, sinusitis, and seasonal allergies.

Simply massage the clogged area in a circular motion for one to two minutes to relieve it; it is located in the top portion of the nasolabial fold.


7 (Lung)

Point 7: It's crucial for treating wintertime colds and flu Lung addresses a variety of flu symptoms, including coughing, sore throats, fevers and chills, congestion, runny noses, and stiffness of the muscles.

On the wrist fold is where this meridian is located. The tip of the index finger, which is situated above this location since it is situated between the two tendons, can be found by simply intertwining the thumbs of your hands.

stiffness of the muscles

Acupressure point and blocked nose: which areas to stimulate to heal?

Warm up your nose

Start by rubbing your hands together to warm them up. Warm up the tip of your nose by rubbing it in a circular motion with the palm of your right hand. Make 20 circles, then do it again going the other way.

Five times a day, a short acupressure massage for blocked noses can assist to relieve congestion and stop new blockages.

vital point

Press between thumb and index finger

Squeeze your thumb-index-finger junction firmly for sinus issues and extreme pain. To lessen nasal irritability and pain, maintain the position for two minutes.

Note that this method is not suggested for those who are pregnant, as stimulation of this area can result in early uterine contractions.

uterine contractions

Massage the bridge of the nose

The nose bridge and the eye sockets are the areas of the face that are most significantly impacted by nasal congestion. Press the two acupressure points around your eye sockets using the tips of your thumbs to benefit a stuffy nose.

These two acupressure meridians can also be worked on separately, that is, one after the other. With sufficient pressure, you may quickly and effectively clear the mucus for pain and congestion relief.

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Stimulate the edge of the nostrils

You can feel your jaw by placing your index fingers on the inside edges of both nostrils. This acupressure point for sinus congestion is frequently used to treat sinus congestion.

Apply sufficient pressure for at least 4 minutes while pressing this point, then repeat multiple times. Your nose ought to feel as though air is flowing freely.


Press on the base of the skull

Finally, you can also put your thumbs behind your ears while holding your head in your hands. Move your thumbs down till they are at the base of your skull and behind your ears by feeling your skull.

These two energy spots should be massaged for roughly 2 minutes with firm pressure. This straightforward action reduces colds, headaches, and the flu every day.


Acupressure and sinusitis: self-massage points

You only need your hands or an acupressure cushion to use acupressure to treat sinusitis. To completely eliminate the signs of a blocked nose, you can stimulate the following locations up to three times each day (morning, noon, and evening):

acupressure cushion

Xinhui point

Imagine a line running from above linking your ears to this location on your forehead. The top of the skull is where the tip is. Use your right hand's index, middle, and ring fingers to exert pressure in a clockwise motion. For a minute, keep doing these motions.

Yintang point

Between your eyebrows, on the top of your nose, is where this facial meridian is situated. Apply moderate pressure while massaging with your middle fingers.

Sizhukong point and Taiyang point

The Sizhukong point is on the tip of the eyebrow, and the Taiyang point is near the temples.

Self-massage using your index and middle fingers, beginning at the Yintang point (on the forehead) and working your way progressively toward the Sizhukong point. For one minute, repeat.

Yingxiang zone

This location is situated 1 cm below the nostrils at the base of the nose. With your index fingers, make circles on each point to exert pressure. Continue the massage until you have completed 70 rounds.

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Some additional aids to unblock the nose

The following methods can be used in conjunction with meridian stimulation to increase the effectiveness of an acupressure point massage for a clogged nose.

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Steam inhalation

The effectiveness of acupressure can be increased by inhaling steam via the nose, which you can enhance with two drops of an essential oil. Additionally, by expanding, the steam helps with nasal discharge.

Sinus cleansing

Colds can be avoided using asaline solution, which can also thin nasal discharge and relieve congestion.

Vegetable and essential oils

Apply a small amount of vegetable oil and a few drops of essential oil along the bridge of your nose, being sure to keep the area surrounding your eyes clear.


Drinking a hot concoction comprised of hot water, a few slices of ginger, and brown sugar is advised to combat the cold.


To summarize

By using easy self-massage techniques on a regular basis, acupressure makes it possible to both avoid and treat the symptoms of winter diseases.

As a result, you will experience real comfort in your life and feel both physically and mentally better.

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