DIY Acupressure Points To Feel Better

DIY Acupressure Points To Feel Better

Sciences like acupuncture and acupressure have been practiced for a very long time. These Asian-developed techniques successfully treat chronic pain, anxiety, and tension. You can even perform some movements on your own.
Traditional Chinese medicine uses acupressure. Therefore, expertise is needed. However, some very straightforward actions can be taken at home that are powerful deterrents to stress and anxiety.
Five have been chosen for you. First of all, it's crucial to emphasize that you must take the time to unwind for these gestures to be effective. Play some relaxing music, then begin.
It's also crucial to emphasize that you shouldn't delay seeking medical attention if you have prolonged pain. Avoid putting pressure on a wart or mole.
Last but not least, if the pressure spot is giving you more agony than you can tolerate, stop and seek medical attention.

1. On the wrist

acupressure on the wristleYou can feel your veins on the inside of your wrist, and you should push your thumb here to relieve nausea, which you might have while pregnant or driving, as well as migraines and stomachaches.

Press and massage this region simultaneously for two to three minutes while making small circular motions for increased effectiveness.

Additionally, hiccups, excessive blood pressure, and dizziness can all be treated with this point. You'll feel better if you massage this area prior to a significant or especially stressful event. Keep in mind to do this motion with both wrists.

2. Between index finger and thumb

acupressure Between index finger and thumb

You can also temporarily calm your nerves by pinching the pulp between your thumb and index finger. It is quite useful to massage this area while taking deep breaths to reduce stress and anxiety. Once more, we suggest that you maintain the pressure for two to three minutes.

You can apply acupressure to these points up to three times each day if you're seeking for a comprehensive treatment for stress. Don't be reluctant to exert pressure for at least ten minutes in the event of a true panic attack.

3. Just below the knee

acupressure Just below the knee

Once more, this pressure point is utilized to treat digestive issues like nausea. You can feel a hollow on the front of your leg, under your knee, if you simply place 4 fingers there.

The fingers should be positioned between the bone and the muscle. To make sure you're in the right place, move your foot so that the area moves under your fingers. Press for a few minutes, getting as close to the bone as possible.

A ping pong ball can also be used to exert pressure on this region. Additionally, this idea can boost your immune system and help you manage stress and lack of sleep.

4. On the forearm

acupressure On the forearm

Numerous conditions, including headaches, toothaches, sore throats, neck pain, coughs, asthma, and fever, can be treated with this point. Moreover, it alleviates melancholy and depression.

The acupressure point is situated in the hollow at the base of your thumb, where the two tendons are situated, just below the wrist, at the start of the forearm.

5. Under the collarbone

acupressure Under the collarbone

The final acupressure point we recommend is under the collarbone, above the chest, just above the arm bone. It provides you an immediate sense of happiness, so you know when you've found it.

In cases of cough or any other respiratory condition, such as asthma or chest pain, this point is advised.

It's also very good in helping you learn to let go. Now is the perfect opportunity to test out this new idea if you are on vacation.

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