How To Increase Erection Power With Acupressure?

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Do you have an erectile dysfunction and you don't know the causes of this problem? Tired of using pills, gel, vitamins, drugs and supplements?

Acupressure, a fundamental component of traditional Chinese medicine, awakens the life force that flows through the body. This natural method, when correctly applied, can increase libido and sexual vigor.

What acupressure point should I utilize to induce a strong desire? We discuss the primary meridians for sexuality in acupressure, whether it's for usage in your intimate relationships or for health concerns.


How acupressure works to boost your libido

Anytime you want or need to, acupressure is incredibly easy to use. It entails applying pressure to strategic body locations in order to stimulate energy points, also known as acupressure meridians.

The thumb, index, and middle fingers, as well as other finger pulp, are used for this manual therapy. The palm of the hand is also employed occasionally.

Usually, the pressure builds gradually and steadily. As some meridians are more sensitive than others, stimulating an acupressure point to develop a hard-on may produce some discomfort, but never pain.

It is entirely feasible to lower the pressure, stop, move to a new location, and resume the exercise at a later time of day, depending on how you feel.

You will soon be able to use acupressure to awaken your inner sexual energy alone or with a companion!

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Which acupressure point to use to get a hard-on?

To be stimulated alone

Which acupressure point should you first press while you're by yourself? The meridians we'll identify can be massaged once a day by applying firm, targeted pressure to the points listed.

They provide you the chance to boost your sexual vigor, hone your sensitivity, and widen the doors to pleasure. The acupressure meridians in question are as follows:

  • E30: the point is located on the lower abdomen (just over the groin crease) 3 finger widths on either side of the midline.
  • VC4: the point is placed on the belly, under the navel, 4 finger widths away.
  • VG4: here on the back side, mirrored with point VC4, the point is located at the level of the second lumbar vertebra.
  • E36: we move to the outside of the leg with a point located one finger width from the edge of the tibia and 3 finger widths below the point of the patella.
  • VC6: move to the belly, still on the midline of the body, with a meridian placed under the navel at 2 finger widths.


To be stimulated in pairs

You and your partner can trigger each acupressure point together for a memorable time. Through tactile techniques, this shared activity not only increases mutual pleasure but also stimulates sensuality and tenderness.

Even acupressure point massage can be seen as an erotic game for both sexes. Foreplay, penetration, or orgasm can trigger the meridian pathways below:

  • R1: located at the base of the toes (sole side of the feet), the point is where the line between the two pads starts. Lying or sitting, use your thumbs simultaneously to stimulate this point for more sensation.
  • V48: this meridian is located in the lower back, 1 or 2 finger widths from each side of the sacrum, at the base of the spine. Closely related to the genital area, it promotes better circulation in the pelvis and increases pleasure tenfold.
  • From F10 to F12: these are 3 vertical points that start from the groin and extend along the fold of the thigh, on each side surrounding the pubis. Sensitive and erogenous, this meridian stimulates blood circulation in the genitals and spreads heat waves to the upper body.
  • From V27 to V34 : located at the base of the spine on the upper curved part of the buttocks, in the hollows of the sacrum, there is a set of acupressure points close to each other on either side of the gluteal fold. With strong pressure from several fingers, they increase energy in the pelvis and ecstasy in the lower abdomen.
  • VC17: 4 finger widths away, this meridian is positioned above the lower sternum (in the center) just at the height and between the two nipples. It opens the heart and increases the harmony in the emotional exchange for a moment of sharing and appeasement.


Thus, there is an acupressure point to become intense or simply deepen your emotional and sexual connection with your spouse, depending on your requirements and goals.

Since blood and energy flow play a big role in sexual function, acupressure has the capacity to help with libido and erection issues.

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