how to increase penis size in ayurveda

How To Increase Your Penis Size With Ayurveda?

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Does size really matter? And if so, how do you increase penis size with Ayurveda? In this blog, we'll explore whether (and how) it's possible to increase your penis size with Ayurveda.

When it comes to penis size, most men think bigger is better. They equate a bigger penis with a better lover who can sexually satisfy his partner. Some people think this mindset has more to do with the male ego.

Can Ayurveda help increase penis size?

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to add a few centimetres to your member, you may be disappointed. The fact is, after puberty, your member won't get any longer.

And this applies to both Ayurveda and allopathy. Penis enlargement products and surgeries exist, but doctors recommend surgery only for men with micropenis. For most people, the option of surgery is unnecessary and can be risky.

But, if you're considering penis enlargement products, it's important to note that they can only be temporary and may even cause problems.

So, if you can't increase penis size, what else can you do?

Although there's no answer on how to increase penis size in ayurveda, you can surely improve your erections and sexual performance.

Improve your sex life with ayurveda

Yes, it is possible for you to have a harder erection that lasts longer in bed and gives you and your partner greater sexual pleasure. In this section, we'll discuss how to naturally increase penis size and strength with Ayurveda.

Ayurveda and sexual performance

Ayurveda is a holistic science with its foundations in aahar (food), vihaar (lifestyle) and chikitsha (treatment).

Every ailment or illness is caused by several factors, including an imbalance in your doshas. This balance in your doshas can be restored with the right aahar, vihaar and chikitsha. And this includes sexual performance problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Next, let's review aahar, vihara and chikitsha for improving men's sexual health and well-being.

Aahar (food) for better sex

The right choices in your diet can help improve your sexual health and well-being. Foods rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and arginine are popular for better sexual performance:

  • Studies show that flavonoids improve blood flow to the penis and are effective in combating erectile dysfunction. Blueberries, cherries and blackberries are all foods containing flavonoids.
  • Vitamin C helps improve nitric oxide (NO) levels to stimulate blood flow to the penis for harder erections, according to and cannabis. Foods containing vitamin C include strawberries, peppers and citrus fruits.
  • Similarly, and cannabis have also found that arginine helps improve blood flow to the penis, thus improving erectile function. Foods such as nuts, seeds, meat, whole grains and dairy products are excellent sources of arginine.

Vihaar (lifestyle) for longer-lasting sexual relations

If you want to improve your sexual performance and stamina, you need to make lifestyle choices that help improve sexual function and health. Here's a list of vihaar's best suggestions for stimulating penis growth.

  • Perform Kegel exercises: Kegel exercises naturally stimulate penis growth. Even if you don't see an increase in size, they improve the quality of erections.
  • Try to lose excess weight: Certain and cannabis show that excessive weight gain can have an impact on erectile function. Being obese can also lead to the shaft of your penis being hidden in layers of fat, making intercourse more difficult.
  • Start yoga exercises: There are yoga asanas for premature ejaculation like Dhanurasana, Matsyasana and Mayurasana that also help improve sexual performance with harder erections.
  • Get into cardio: Cardio can help boost blood circulation and elevate mood-boosting hormones. When combined with the right aahar and chikitsha, cardio exercises can help rapidly improve your sexual performance and health.
  • Reduce or stop smoking: There have been and cannabis that show a direct correlation between smoking and ED. So while quitting smoking won't help you enlarge your male reproductive organ, it may just improve your erections.

How can I increase penis size and strength with exercise?

There are no exercises specifically designed to help you increase the size of your penis in Ayurveda.

However, there are some new-age exercises online like Jelquing and penis stretching exercises that claim to work to increase penile girth and length. But be aware that these exercises can lead to injury if performed incorrectly.

Penis pumps and pulling devices are also sold online that make similar claims but have little scientific basis. This is also why we advise against trying any of these devices before talking to your doctor.

Chikitsha (medicine) for improved sexual health

Ayurveda is able to combat sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction with the right chikitsha. This can include taking an Ayurvedic oil massage, ingesting herbs (or herbal teas) and taking Ayurvedic medicines.

The right treatment plan is decided by the ayurvedic practitioner after your dosha, and other attributes are collected. If you're not sure which chikitsha is right for you, consult our online ayurvedic doctors.

Ayurvedic herbs such as:

  • Kaunch beej, Müesli sécurisé, Shilajitet Ashwagandha are popular herbs for boosting sexual performance. You can be prescribed these herbs individually or as part of a formulation by doctors.They help to naturally stimulate testosterone release, boost libido and improve mood.
  • Ayurvedic oil massage can use Shilajit Oil to help improve blood flow and penile sensitivity. These oils help stimulate your penis muscles for harder, longer-lasting erections.
  • Ayurvedic medicines like Herbo24 Turbo or Or Shilajit are specially formulated capsules that help boost sexual performance in men and have no known side effects.

Note that none of these products claim to increase penis size. They are formulated for the express purpose of improving sexual stamina, strength, endurance and libido.

Increasing penis size versus improving sexual performance

As mentioned at the start of the blog, you can't increase penis size without surgery. However, you might be surprised at the difference you and your partner will feel with a harder erection that lasts longer in bed.

Adult films distort our image of what's normal and what's not when it comes to penis size. Most men think they need a huge phallus, like those adult stars, to satisfy their partners.

However, the fact is that for most men, penis size is more than enough to bring their partners to the peak of pleasure and passion. And this is possible by boosting sexual performance with Ayurveda.

Having a sexual performance booster along with the right diet and lifestyle can help you and your partner boost your sex life.

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