what is pitta dosha
Traditional Indian Medecine

What Is Pitta Dosha?

Pitta is the second Dosha described in the Vedas. Pitta, or literally "bile", comes etymologically from the Sanskrit word tap, meaning "to cook, to transform things". Pitta's primary function in Ay...
How to balance vata dosha
Traditional Indian Medecine

How To Balance Vata Dosha?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine. For thousands of years, ayurveda has been used to maintain well-being and promote natural fitness. Ayurveda recognizes that each of us has a basic constituti...
how to increase penis size in ayurveda
Traditional Indian Medecine

How To Increase Your Penis Size With Ayurveda?

Does size really matter? And if so, how do you increase penis size with Ayurveda? In this blog, we'll explore whether (and how) it's possible to increase your penis size with Ayurveda. When it come...
what does ayurvedic mean
Traditional Indian Medecine

What Does Ayurvedic Mean?

Ayurveda is based on harmony between body and mind, and offers numerous benefits such as stress reduction, elimination of toxins, improved circulation. While treatments are often based on precise m...
All About Ayurvedic Medicine
Traditional Indian Medecine

All About Ayurvedic Medicine

Traditional Eastern medicine has much to teach us. Considering the individual in his or her entirety, they invite us to achieve balance through the implementation of a healthy lifestyle adapted to ...

Acupressure Blog

Immerse yourself in the soothing world of acupressure, an ancient practice that is gaining in popularity today thanks to its benefits for health and well-being. Explore our series of blog posts dedicated to acupressure, the acupressure mat and various massage techniques, and discover how you can naturally improve your quality of life.

Discover the Art of Acupressure:

Rebalance Your Energy Naturally
Our series begins with an in-depth exploration of acupressure and its origins in traditional Chinese medicine. Discover how this method of stimulating energy points can relieve pain, reduce stress and promote better energy circulation in your body.

The Acupressure Mat:

Deep Relaxation and Revitalization
Immerse yourself in the benefits of the acupressure mat, a modern invention inspired by ancient practices. Learn how regular use of this mat can help relax tense muscles, improve sleep and stimulate blood circulation. Also discover how to integrate it into your daily routine for optimum results.

Explore the Variety of Acupressure

Acupressure is not limited to a single technique. Immerse yourself in a world of diversity as you explore different approaches to acupressure and energy massage. From self-acupressure to professional massage, discover how each method can be adapted to your individual needs.

Acupressure for Stress Management

Stress is a fact of modern life, but acupressure offers natural ways to manage it. Dive into our tips and tricks for using specific acupressure points to calm the mind, relax the body and restore inner harmony.

Acupressure in Daily Life:

In this article, discover how to easily incorporate acupressure into your busy daily routine. From simple exercises you can do at the office to relaxing practices at home, learn how you can enjoy the benefits of acupressure wherever you are.

Join us on this exciting adventure through the intricacies of acupressure, acupressure mat and massage techniques. Enhance your well-being naturally while discovering the treasures of traditional Chinese medicine adapted to modern life.

Best Acupressure Mat 2023

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