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The practice of hand reflexology, a form of complementary therapy that is still relatively unknown but is gaining popularity, includes stimulating particular areas on the hands to relieve stress, pressure, and discomfort and to provide a genuine sense of wellness.

How does hand reflexology operate then? Who could profit and what advantages exist? What exercises are recommended for at-home use? We provide all the information you need about palm reflexology!

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What is hand reflexology?

By applying pressure points and lissages to certain areas of the hand (reflex zones), it is possible to activate an organ or a section of the body using palmar reflexology, an ancient technique that makes use of the body's inherent resources.

Every part of the body, including the liver, diaphragm, lumbar region, and stomach, has a reflex zone. Palm reflexology aids in calming the person down, relieving pain, and reducing tension.

Even though the exact mechanism of hand reflexology's operation is still not entirely understood, it is known that this sort of distant stimulation sends information to the brain, which reacts by firing nerve impulses to the muscles, blood vessels, and internal organs.

Reflexology uses traditional Chinese medical concepts to reestablish the natural flow of the body's life force, or Qi.

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Why use reflexology for the hands?

Palm reflexology is a type of massage that anyone can receive. Its advantages can help seniors, children, and pregnant women. When combined with foot reflexology, the therapeutic effects can be multiplied tenfold.

The benefit of hand reflexology is that you can utilize it on your own and right away, whenever you feel the need.

You can massage your hands for long-lasting treatment whether you're at home, at work, or in public transportation. There's no need to take off your shoes or stimulate unreachable parts of the body.

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How does hand reflexology work?

Electronic and digital devices are a major source of stress for the hands in our modern world (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Because of this, the muscles are stiff and constricted, and palm reflexology can help.

By massaging their hands or themselves, you can assist in relaxing them. With just 10 minutes of palm massage, you can stimulate or calm the body, relieve daily tiredness, or both.

The method can be used in conjunction with foot reflexology to target a particular sore spot or localized discomfort in depth.

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What are the benefits of reflexology for the hands?

You can take care of both your physical and mental health with reflexology hand massage. The advantages of hand reflexology have been demonstrated:

  • Relieve tension: by stimulating nerve connections, it is possible to reach the nervous system and send messages to it to release pressure. This is perfect for both mental and physical tension on your hands and forearms.
  • Reduce stress: with the modelling movements, reduce your stress level with a palm reflexology session. Regain your emotional balance, free yourself from your anxieties and fears.
  • Relaxation: hand massage gives you a soothing sensation. You are calmer and more relaxed, better in your body.
  • Relieve pain: Palm reflexology helps to reduce muscle and joint pain. If you suffer from chronic pain due to osteo-muscular disorders, osteoarthritis or arthritis, complement your treatment with reflexology.
  • Improve blood circulation: the massage of pressure points stimulates blood circulation. Hand reflexology helps to improve and maintain good vascular tone.
  • Strengthen the immune system: Improving vascular, muscular and nervous health improves the overall functioning of the body. Your immune system will be strengthened, you will be less prone to illness and you will remain in good mental and physical health.

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How to use reflexology for the hands?

Before the session

To begin a home palm reflexology session, take off your jewelry and turn off your phone so that you won't be interrupted. Make yourself comfy and wash your hands. Keep your feet firm on the ground and your back straight.

Relax your breathing and bring your shoulders down. Applying moisturizer will aid in your hands' self-massage. Move your fingers like a pianist practicing scales to warm up.

Loosen your wrists in both directions, then turn them in both directions while keeping your hands clasped and crossed.

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First palm reflexology exercise

Use your right thumb to rub the palmar side of your left hand as we begin our first hand reflexology exercise. Always work your way up from the base of the wrist to the tips of the fingers when moving from left to right.

Imagine that you have paint on your thumb and wish to color your entire palm to make the massage simpler. Next, from the intersection of your thumb and index finger to the tip of your first hand line, draw an illegible horizontal line on your left hand.

The solar plexus reflex point is located in the middle of this hypothetical line (in the hand's palm). For deep breathing and maintaining our energy, this meridian is crucial.

Insert your thumb with your right hand into this crevice. Take a few deep breaths, hold them for a moment, and then exhale.

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Second palm reflexology exercise

Your lymphatic circulation is to be stimulated by the second palm reflexology technique. Pinch each joint of your fingers using your right hand's thumb and forefinger.

Make sure your fingers are in the right place and press firmly. Then, press the thumb of the right hand on the left hand and place two or three other fingers against the left hand's palm with the palmar side of the left hand facing you.

Move your fingers quickly from the tips of the left hand's fingers down to the wrist (follow the grooves between your bones and tendons to guide you).

Using a back-and-forth motion with your right thumb and index finger, massage your fingers from the base of your left thumb to the tip to loosen up your joints and give yourself a boost.

Finish the massage by applying strong pressure to both sides of the nail, then repeat on the other fingers on the left hand and the right hand.

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After the session

Your palm reflexology session should conclude with an eye palming. In order to warm up your palms for the massage, vigorously rub them together. After that, close your eyes by placing your hands over them.

Enjoy this brief period of rest by settling your head into your hands and focusing on your breathing. Then close your eyes and place your hands on your thighs with the palms facing up.

For a short while, keep your attention on the feelings in your hands, face, and eyes. For the massage to cease, open your eyes.

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To summarise

Take advantage of hand reflexology if you suffer from stress, chronic pain, or simply want to unwind before bed.

The exercises can be performed anytime, anyplace, for long-lasting treatment of your symptoms. Hand reflexology can help you feel better physically and mentally, so don't miss out!

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