What Is Lomi Lomi Massage

What Is Lomi Lomi Massage?

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It's a magnificent full-body and facial massage inspired by Hawaiian shamanic tradition a massage from the islands, rocked by the swell of an infinite ocean and alive with the boiling lava that erupts from volcanoes. It relaxes and invigorates, purifies and nourishes a ritual of renewal.

Lomi-Lomi, also known as Hawaiian massage, is an ancient form of massage practiced by the Polynesians of Hawaii.

Hawaiian shamanism is based on an almost fusional contact with the forces of nature, with energies that have probably remained finer and purer in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far from any industrialized civilization.

A centuries-old tradition

In the Hawaiian tradition, Lomi-Lomi massage was given by a master of the art, called Kahuna, in a spirit of purification and regeneration.

Lomi means to massage, rub, press, knead and caress. In Hawaiian, when a vowel or word is repeated, it indicates a particular intensity and importance.

Traditional healers, who use it in their practice, have handed down the techniques for many generations. Lomi-Lomi is practiced in the spirit of Aloha (respect, care, love), which links body, heart and soul to the source of life.

Lomi-Lomi is a massage designed as a rite of passage, from adolescence to adulthood, for example, accompanied by dance and song, and can last for several days.
More than a moment of relaxation and well-being, it's a ceremony, a purification and healing of body, mind and soul, accompanied by song and dance.

It's a celebration, a ceremony to induce renewal, a new beginning. This deep massage is used to release old tensions and stubborn blockages, restoring a general state of well-being and the body's natural healing resources.

It's about restoring a sense of unity within oneself and from oneself to the world. It's a feeling of balance and harmony that brings new inspiration and strength. Find yourself, in your life, in your being, in your essence.

The Huna philosophy

It's impossible to understand what Lomi-Lomi is without first grasping the essence of the Hawaiian philosophy known as Huna that underpins it. A fundamental theory of Huna is that all creatures seek universal harmony.

Huna states that every cell in our body has a memory, and that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual form an inseparable whole. On the contrary, Lomi-Lomi will help it to regain its original unity.

Lomi-Lomi is based on the ancient belief that the energy known as "Mana" circulates throughout the body. If pain or tension is felt, it is, according to this approach, because this energy is "counteracted". This massage will harmonize the energy circulating within us, reconnecting all parts of us.

In this way, Lomi-Lomi doesn't just work on a bodily level, but heals every dimension of our being.
More generally, for Hawaiians, "Mana" energy is present in all elements of nature: trees, the sea, plants, etc...

On the Hawaiian islands, the body is not taboo, so it is revered and celebrated in its spiritual dimension.

The masseuse or masseur aligns herself with Iao Nalani, the universal source of all life, and opens herself in her heart, Aloha, so as to transmit just the right qualitative touch of energy.

The kahunas enter into vibratory resonance with the protective and healing forces of the Universe and sing an invocation to the Supreme Being of the Universe for O'Kalani that begins as follows: Aloha mai o kalani kau i ka alane'o (through your mysterious paths, bless us with your love, oh Great Supreme Being)
they then invoke the forces of nature's four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

Lomi-Lomi is known as the "loving touch". This unique touch makes Lomi-Lomi no trivial massage: it demands a great deal of attention and respect for the person being massaged. The spiritual dimension is also present: the session traditionally begins and ends with prayers.

It's a massage that evokes a return to nature, a return to the self and to our connection with the environment.

The practice of massage

A Lomi-Lomi begins by establishing an atmosphere of humility, tranquility and trust between practitioner and patient. Lomi-Lomi practitioners use mainly the forearms to massage.

In practice, the treatment lasts around an hour. It is performed on a table with plenty of oil.
Pressure is applied with the hands, forearms and fists, alternating with kneading, acupressure, friction and stretching.

Masseurs often use warm monoi oil to further enhance the sensory experience. But they also use Noni, a plant known to fight infection and soothe rheumatism and arthritis, among other ailments. Some also use Tamanu, a sacred tree whose oil has anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing properties. Others use Kukui oil mixed with almond oil.

Wave-like movements are also exerted on the sheet at the beginning and end to open and close the session.
This massage is like a graceful dance, constantly in motion, a massage that connects all dimensions of being and brings all parts of the body together.

It alternates between long, sweeping movements over the whole body and in-depth work on every part of the body. Massage is performed with the hands, forearms, thumbs and fingertips.

To create this harmony, the masseur infuses his movements with the qualities of nature's four elements:

  • The earth quality induces deep, liberating movements, reinforcing the sensation of being sheltered from one's body, solid.
  • Water liquefies and dissolves, and is a highly nourishing element that opens the way to subtle perceptions and emotions.
  • Air gives space, soothes, liberates and allows us to feel connected to the world and the universe.
  • Fire brings warmth, stimulates and energizes, awakening joy and the desire to undertake.

The massage ends with a 10-minute rest period.

The rest period is important in Lomi Lomi massage, to enable the body to regain its equilibrium after experiencing intense stimulation of the muscles and underlying fluids.

The person being treated must be allowed to integrate what has just been experienced at all levels.

Key points of lomi lomi massage


  • Relieve muscle tension.
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation.
  • Help rid the body of waste products.
  • Helps restore physical and mental harmony.


  • Promotes relaxation by soothing the mind and body.
  • Increases vital energy.
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation.
  • Cleanses and eliminates toxins accumulated in the body.
  • Facilitates childbirth (late pregnancy only).

Particularly suitable for people experiencing:

  • Stress, anxiety, insomnia, asthenia (extreme fatigue).
  • Muscle atony and atrophy.
  • Muscular stiffness.
  • Cellulite.
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Sprains, fractures (drainage principle).
  • Fibromyalgia.


  • Contraindicated for pregnant women, except in late pregnancy to facilitate delivery, as the technique activates a lot of fluids.
  • Contraindicated for high-pressure unless well controlled.
  • Contraindicated for varicose veins.
  • Same contraindications as for Swedish massage: infectious diseases, cancer, etc.

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