What Is Trigger Point Massage

What Is Trigger Point Massage?

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Trigger point massage is also known as shiatsu massage. It is an ancient Asian massage treatment targeting specific pressure points on the body. The masseur massages and kneads these points with fingers and thumbs.

The aim is to eliminate blockages. A pressure point massage, or acupressure, is a great way to relieve headaches and fatigue.

With a pressure point massage, you can massage the areas that cause pain and discomfort.

This type of massage involves pressing on specific points on the body. So a pressure point massage can be much more effective than a massage using friction techniques.

What are the advantages of pressure point massage?

Pressure point massage offers specific advantages over other massage techniques. The specific benefits of pressure point massage are as follows:

  • It reduces stress and relaxes the body.
  • It improves blood flow, eliminating blockages in the body.
  • It also accelerates the elimination of waste products from the body.
  • It helps treat a variety of ailments, such as fatigue, headaches and digestive problems.
  • After a pressure point massage, you feel reborn and your energy pathways are opened up.

A pressure point massage is the perfect combination of health and relaxation.

Oriental massage with pressure points

In Oriental medicine, a common massage technique involves pressing firmly on certain points of the body. At the pressure points, invisible lines of energy merge. These energy lines are called meridians. They connect certain organs in the body.

Are you familiar with examples of Asian masseurs walking over a person during a massage? A pressure point massage doesn't have to be so extreme, but it does revolve around the idea that pressure on specific points has a particular healing and relaxing effect.

How does pressure point massage work?

The painful point is seen as a bottleneck where energy cannot flow freely. This is why the masseur presses repeatedly with the thumb or palm of the hand on this point. It's not supposed to hurt, but it can be uncomfortable.

This massage technique not only eliminates pain, but also ensures good circulation to the organs. It's good for your health. After pressure point massage, you'll feel reborn, with renewed energy and relief from aches and pains.

In addition to pressure, a second technique is thumb circling. With this technique, the masseur uses less force than with pressure.

That's why this technique is used in vulnerable areas, such as around the spine and on the wrist. The effect is the same, although thumb circling is also used to relieve tension.

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