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Acupressure And Asthma: How To Breathe Better?

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In the UK, asthma is thought to affect up to 7% of the population. It is an inflammatory condition that can significantly impair daily functioning, especially if you experience recurrent asthma attacks or other breathing issues.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, mucus (Tan Yin), which obstructs the natural flow of life-giving energy, the Qi, is to blame for this lung malfunction.

So how may acupressure and asthma be used to lessen symptoms and improve breathing? We clarify!


Why use acupressure to treat asthma?

Numerous studies have shown that the addition of acupressure to standard asthma therapy reduces asthma symptoms and interleukin-6 levels (this is a protein produced in response to infections and injuries).

Asthma is characterised by persistent inflammation, which can be brought on by excess interleukin-6. Therefore, acupressure for asthma can lessen this inflammation in asthmatics and lower inflammatory mediators to enhance the quality of life for patients.

Once you have learned the method and the massage locations, you won't need to rely solely on your inhaler to get rapid relief.

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The causes of asthma in traditional chinese medicine

Understanding the origin of the energy imbalances is crucial in order to employ acupressure for asthma.

In Chinese medicine, it is always discovered that the lung's diffusion functions are compromised in an individual with asthma, which results in a reduction in qi. Here are some of the primary causes:

  • An unbalanced diet (too much cold, acid, sweet or fat).
  • Adeficiency in the defensive energy of the lung due to hereditary problems.
  • Acondition caused by problems related to pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Wind in the lung's home due to dust, irritants, smoke, allergens, etc.
  • Excessive emotions which cause stagnation of the Qi in the Liver, which then affects the Lung.
  • Overwork or lack of exercise (especially in a posture that constrains breathing).
  • Overuse of bronchodilators and corticosteroids, which depletes the Kidney Yang over the long term.

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Which acupressure point to use to calm an asthma attack?

There is a specific acupressure point that can be used to cure asthma and reduce asthma episodes. 90% of the time, this meridian's (energy point's) location is beneath the left armpit.

Rarely, it may be on either side or under the right armpit. Locate this asthma acupressure point by following these steps:

  • Place your right hand flat on the left side of your chest so that your index finger is under the left armpit.
  • Locate the space between the ribs with your fingers.
  • Press and massage horizontally, staying on this area.
  • At different heights between the ribs, find one or more points that are very painful to the pressure (like a small ball of fat).
  • You have located the point! By pressing on it, you should get a "grimace" reflex.

Use extremely mild pressure to massage this spot in order to cleanse your bronchial tubes. Remaining in pain is advised because discomfort, not agony, is normal.

Take deep breaths as your massage progresses and pay attention to how much easier it is to breathe. Is this acupressure point insufficient to completely relieve your symptoms? On the opposite side, search for the same spot under the armpit.

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Acupressure and asthma: How does it work?

You can push on places that feel nice with acupressure. For many years, this type of massage has been utilised to relieve pain and treat illness. Similar to acupuncture, this mild technique enables you to treat asthma with just your hands and fingers.

Your body can experience a variety of strategically placed stresses that have significant therapeutic effects. Acupressure for asthma can be used in conjunction with traditional medical therapies if they are insufficient to thoroughly adjust the way your organs work.

Acupressure not only makes it easier to breathe, but it also eases muscle tension and increases blood flow. All of this indicates to your body that it has the ability to activate regulatory or self-healing systems to transfer life-giving energy to your meridians.

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To summarise

Acupressure is a sort of natural therapy that can be used to treat and prevent asthma attacks. You can better control asthma attacks in addition to reducing their frequency. Throughout the day, anytime you feel the need to, open your airways!

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