What is Kobido Massage

What is Kobido Massage?

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Japanese facial massage, also known as "natural lifting", is the anti-wrinkle technique par excellence! Anti-aging, draining, relaxing, toning and decongesting, Kobido has it all! Here's an explanation of this facial treatment with its many benefits, which is winning over the West.

Kobido, the ultimate anti-aging facial massage

More than just a massage, Kobido is an ancestral Japanese art that stimulates facial muscles and tissues from surface to depth. The nape of the neck, neckline and décolleté are also treated.

Based on precise gestures, these techniques, with their many variations in rhythm, require the skill and flexibility of fingers and wrists. This treatment alternates pressure, modeling, smoothing, stretching, friction and vibration in an almost solemn choreography.

The lifting effect is immediate: the skin is plumped up, the complexion fresher, the oval of the face redefined.

The benefits of Japanese massage

In addition to its undeniable anti-ageing effect, Japanese massage actively stimulates the lymphatic system by stimulating specific points, leading to the elimination of toxins.

Effective for decongesting puffy eyes and areas prone to water retention! The skin is oxygenated, microcirculation revitalized and the complexion brighter, as if plumped up from within.

Kobido techniques are suitable for all skin types, and are particularly recommended for mature skin. The muscles of the face and neck are toned, and the Chi or "vital energy" is better balanced to provide relaxation and immediate well-being.

How does a Japanese massage session work?

The practitioner moves with fluid movements of varying intensity, using a cream or vegetable oil adapted to facial care. As a preamble, a warm, moist towel is applied to the face to soothe it and help open the skin's pores.

As the massage deepens, kneading and sculpting are applied to firm the muscles and extend to the neck, nape of the neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

This treatment method, which has survived the centuries, restores and maintains the quality and expression of the face. It was created to maintain the youthful appearance of the faces of Japanese princesses.

For objectives of regeneration and vitality, to revive the freshness and tone of the face, 4 to 6 sessions at a rate of 1 or 2 per week are often necessary.

Why opt for Japanese massage?

Perfectly suited to mature skin, Japanese massage prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces those already present, such as expression lines.

The production of collagen and elastin is activated by the repetition of various maneuvers. Objectively, the sensation of toned skin and a radiant complexion is revealed.

The techniques employed redefine the oval of the face, and the skin and muscles regain their firmness and elasticity. The best ingredients for fighting the ravages of aging! Kobido is also recommended for relaxing the eyes, eliminating puffiness and dark circles.

This massage is effective for clarifying the eyes, dissipating stress and tension accumulated in the jaws and relieving headaches too. Blood and lymph circulation are enhanced, and energy flows more smoothly through the body. Facial skin becomes finer, silkier and more beautiful.

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