What Is Metamorphic Massage

What Is Metamorphic Massage?

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Metamorphic massage is a technique inspired by reflexology and distinguished by its special touch and "letting go". It reconnects you with the life force within you. The metamorphic technique harmonizes energy and releases cellular memories.

What are the benefits of metamorphic massage?

It's impossible to know exactly what it will do in advance. First of all, there's deep relaxation, which gradually releases painful memories, physical discomforts and emotional suffering...

Transformations take place, and old patterns give way more or less quickly, depending on what each person is ready to experience.
There's a rebalancing, a harmonization within oneself that leads to greater confidence, strength and serenity.

Who is it for?

There are many benefits for everyone! Whatever your age, physical or mental condition, Metamorphic Massage is a process of well-being, of reconnecting with the best version of yourself.

It is therefore recommended for everyone, including pregnant women, babies, children, seniors, Alzheimer's sufferers, people with disabilities, autism, Down's syndrome...

So, why is spring the right time to begin your metamorphosis?

By understanding the inner journey each of us makes during this process, it makes sense to take action at this time of renewal.

Spring is the season when all life resumes its activity of re-starting, re-birthing and taking action. The activation of new understandings resulting from Metamorphic Massage is in tune with the energy of the season.

This moment of the year, when everything rumbles and thunders, ready to spring forth, to appear or reappear, is the precise, ideal moment.

It's the right moment to set in motion the process of transformation, of releasing blockages to lighten up, to "reset" the cell, to get involved in the present moment...

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